Mattress to Prevent Bed Sores-Causes Of Type Two Diabetes? – Debatable

What causes Diabetes 2 is still open for debate. While type 1 is known to be caused by an autoimmune response in which antibodies attack the body's producer of insulin, the pancreas, the exact cause of Type II is not universally agreed upon as of yet. Although it is known to be characterized by insulin resistance, what results in our body to this inability to process this insulin is still being discovered. However, as many physicians and patients now bellieve that diet and physical activity has a large role in controlling, or even eradicating, the symptoms of the disease, it can be speculated that engaging in an unhealthy lifestyle could be the basis of this condition.

Insulin resistance is the foundation for Type two Diabetes, and many people are looking at what affects our ability to process the substance. By discovering the sorts of things both negatively and positively impact our body's sensitivity to insulin, many believethat this will lead us to discover what causes diabetes. As an added benefit, in doing so, we can also learn how to best treat, manage, as well as prevent, this condition.

By studying the effects of many risk factors on our body's sensitivity to insulin, doctors have discovered a strong correlation between leading a healthy lifestyle and one's ability to process insulin. Therefore, these same characteristics may, indeed, provide a key as to what causes diabetes. Lifestyle choices that are now believed to play the greatest role in Type two Diabetes are also those that are typically associated with those that are obese. So, people are still not sure if being overweight, in and of itself, is a major cause, or if the poor choices that usually go along with are the real culprit.

Of these lifestyle choices, what appears to be most important are diet, physical activity level, and stress management. Eating foods that are high in fat, sugars and carbohydrates, and in large quantities, makes it nearly impossible for one to maintain a steady blood sugar level. Maintaining an even blood glucose level is key when it comes to managing Diabetes Type 2. Also, although it is not yet fully understood why, undertaking more exercise and making it a point to lower your stress levels can also impact your body's sensitivity to insulin. Although what causes diabetes is still not completely understood, research into the reasons for its onset have led us to learn many ways that we can help prevent and control it.