Diabetic Shops Treatment Of Type 2 Diabetes : Pills Or Injections?

While Type 1 diabetes requires you take insulin to control your glucose levels, it is possible to treat diabetes without the use of injections or pills. At this point in time, more than 250 million have Diabetes Type 2. And, it’s estimated that most if not all of the world’s population will be afflicted with the disease by 2025. Diabetics are more likely to suffer heart disease and strokes. This is because diabetes has a higher risk of damaging blood vessels causing the problems of the heart. Changing your lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet can help you treat your Type two diabetes without having to rely on medications.


Most people are unaware that they have diabetes because their symptoms are not severe enough to question. Scientific research has shown that properly diagnosing the disease early will reduce the chance of detrimental nerve and blood vessel changes. What are some symptoms to watch out for? Constant thirst, hunger, extreme tiredness, blurred vision, numbness in the limbs, weakness and unusual weight loss can be some of those typical symptoms as result of Type 2 Diabetestes. While physical problems are apparent in most diabetic sufferers, many people forget that it can affect a person emotionally.


Depression and fear occur in many patients because of what they have been diagnosed with. In a way, knowing you have a condition that restricts your carefree lifestyle is depressing to a person and can bring their mood way down. But, there is hope and help to changing your way of life in order to treat Type 2 diabetes. How can you begin this way? The first change you want to make is to avoid refined sugars. These will be foods like candy, white flour baked goods, sodas, and chips. Avoiding greasy, high fat foods is a good choice as well. Foods like heavy creams and cheeses, sausages, heavy dressings and fried foods should be cut out from the diet to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels.


Changing your diet can be tough, but your body will love you for it. This is especially applicable if one has have Diabetes 2 and can avoid using any medication to control blood glucose readings. In addition to diet, exercise is the other natural treatment to introduce when controlling diabetes. Reducing one's weight and moving around more maintains and keeps the circulation of your body working appropriately. Also, most people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes are overweight. So dropping those extra pounds can help maintain a better grade of health and peace of mind.

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