Polyactil – EXTREME FIRST AID – Super Accelerates Healing, Stops Pain, Kills Infection, Reduces Swelling, Minimizes or Eliminates Scarring

Polyactil-N - Maybe The World's Best 1st Aid Ointment for Burns, Wounds, Cuts, Winter Chapping, Summer Damage and More
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Leading edge innovation. Restore beauty and natural integrity to damaged skin. Polyactil stimulates the natural structure of collagen in the dermis and promotes the use of good cholesterol by your skin. It penetrates into the micro-domains of the cell membranes in the epidermis stabilizing them, and thus enhances the natural immunity in the skin cells and in the cells that cover the blood vessels. This promotes the body's ability to ward off harmful agents. Polyactil balances the microbial levels that live in harmony on and in your body. Damaged, unhealthy skin is a breeding ground for bad bacteria and lead[Read More]