Sugar Free Margarita Cocktail Mix 0 Calorie Carb 100% Natural Diabetic Skinny Cal-0-Rita – 11 Servings

Sugar Free Margarita No Calories or Carbs - 100% All Natural Mix - 8 Servings
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Caution: Don't sacrifice your health with cheaper artificial sweetened mixes. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives, added to alcohol, don't mix well in your blood or brain. You get what you pay for!
Powder mixes do NOT require preservatives and because they weigh less, it is cheaper to ship. Not only do you save money on delivery but, you can enjoy a healthy cocktail mix with NO Artificial Anything!
If you're going to drink alcohol - drink the healthiest possible drink. That is why we add 1 gram of Pre-Biotic Fiber and 100% Vitamin C per drink. It helps reduce[Read More]