The Healing Formula – 8 ounce

The Healing Formula - 8 ounce
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The all natural ingredients combined in The Healing FormulaTM are a proven, fast acting healing agents. Promotes healing on the following types of wounds: Decubitus Ulcers (bedsores), MRSA Infection (staph infection), Burns, Cuts, Rashes, and Other Skin Infections, like Shingles, Eczema, and Psoriasis. Developed by a home-care nurse with over 30 years experience this product uses only the finest ingredients including certified Aloe Vera gel with all the beneficial Enzymes still intact, Hydrogen Peroxide and Irish Moss. The Healing FormulaTM works from the inside/out, oxygenating the affected area, stopping the spread of infection, decreasing pain, while promoting healing. There are[Read More]